ATTENTION: We no longer sell extraction reagents with our kits.

One-Step PCR-realtime™ SARS CoV-2 S-CY5 and ORF1ab-FAM Genes

Multiplex OneqPCR- Raltime TM SARS CoV-2 (S and ORF1ab genes) amplifies  and detect the S gene (SARS CoV-2), ORF1ab gene (SARS CoV-2) and RP gene (Rnase P human) in Single One Step RT-PCR Reaction.

The kit contain Primer & Probe Mix for the detection of S gene (CY5), ORF1ab gene (FAM) Rp gene (HEX)

Positive Control for the amplification of the S gene and ORF1ab gene is also included.


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