End-Point PCR Detection Kits allow a direct pathogen detection using the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) method. The PCR works by amplifying a segment of DNA bracketed by two inward-facing oligonucleotide primers in multiple cycles of template denaturation, primer hybridization, and polymerization. End-Point PCR can also be made semiquantitative, by running the reaction products on a agarose gel alongside known quantities of DNA.


One-Step Bioingentech® PCR Kits provide components for real time “One-Step” PCR detection in a convenient format that is compatible with standard qPCR cycle conditions. The master mix, “One Universal qPCR DNA Bioingentech®”, includes all the reagents required for an optimized qPCR. A mix of specific primers and probes for each pathogen are included in the kit and can be detected through different real time PCR platforms through 5 ‘nuclease technology. The main characteristic of this kit is that DNA is detected in a single reaction tube for both the sample and internal control, generating two amplification peaks that are detected by real time platforms.

RNA kits also include Reverse Transcriptase, and an exogenous source of RNA that is incorporated during cell lysis step and must be detected in another reaction tube, which favors the specificity of the assay.

Real Time qPCR Instruments

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