We are a Chilean biotech company that enables the availability of products and services that improve the quality of life for humans and animals worldwide. We have a team of professionals with over 12 years experience in development of applied science and patents to contribute to a more good. BioinGenTech mission is to provide new tools of high-quality to the communities and better services for all contributing to the Global Public Good.

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Quality Policy

 BioinGentech is committed to the design, production and marketing of PCR Kits, meeting the requirements of its users, customers and interested parties, within a framework of continuous improvement 

For this reason, we are committed to promoting a culture of quality through:

·         Design PCR Kit to satisfy the needs required by the market.

·         The manufacturing of PCR kits based on previous specifications, as contracted and internal standards established to increase customer satisfaction.

·         The management of competent collaborators, who perform their work appropriately.

·         Monitoring and control of work processes, in order to identify risk and opportunities for continuous improvement.

·         The effective implementation of your quality management system, in order to achieve the planned objectives.